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Having A Reason To Live

Imagine having to go to the bathroom and not being able to reach behind you to clean yourself. It can get pretty depressing at times because things can get pretty bleak. Waking up often to readjust your legs, or dealing with chronic discomfort (pain). This is what people with ALS have to deal with on a daily basis. ALS can bring the most pain tolerant person to their knees. I am here to help provide a way to regain independence and return life to a sense of normalcy.

ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease is a disease that affects nerve cells prohibiting movement and loss of muscle mass. ALS patients can go through bad symptoms that people without ALS has a hard time grasping. ALS can make anything and everything difficult, from eating and drinking to walking and even reaching behind you. A patient suffering from ALS has limited independence.
A bidet can give them some independence back. An attachable bidet is the best thing modern toiletry has to offer.

– It attaches to your toilet seat
– Cleaning with the touch of a button
– No more struggling to reach behind you
– Comfort in knowing you are clean
– Confidence in not having odor left behind
ALS gets worse over time. Having to go to the bathroom is something they have to struggle with day in and day out. With an attachable bidet toilet seat, going to the bathroom just got a little easier. When nature calls we must answer. ALS patients have it hard enough as it is, a bidet can provide a simple comfort that helps them with their independence.
The jets of water provided by a bidet often make going to the bathroom easier. The pulsation jets can be set to several different levels. Using the bidet is easy for the patient to do at home without assistance. It can be an embarrassing problem to have to ask for help every time you have to go to the bathroom.
The drying function of an attachable bidet seat takes care of the need for toilet paper and eliminates the need to stretch and turn after using the bathroom. The person with ALS only needs to press a button to get clean completely. A bidet is a very empowering tool. Cleaning this way is more effective and sanitary that toilet paper, and helps everyone in the house.
A bidet seat will blend in with any home. It looks very similar to that of a regular toilet seat. There is no extensive bathroom remodeling, it’s a simple installation, with easy to follow instructions. The refreshing stream of water can be used every time with the touch of a button.

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