Stuttering is Normal

One in every ten children suffers from stuttering by the time they reach the age of four. These children are quite normal, according to the new Australian study. The study found that children who stutter are as normal as their peers. In fact, the study found that in general they are even better than their non-stuttering counterparts.

The study was led by Sheena Reilly of the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Parkville. She concluded that parents of children who stutter should not be worried, “Stuttering onset is relatively common but parents can be reassured that developmental stuttering is not associated with poorer outcome in the preschool years at least.”

The study was conducted using 1,600 children from Melbourne, Australia. The researchers asked the mothers of the children to answer questions concerning their babies from since they were eight months old. The children were then assessed based on language and behavior scale. Speech pathologists identified children with stuttering. Overall, children who stutter scored 2.6 points higher than non-stuttering children on non verbal intelligence. Moreover, the researchers concluded that stuttering may in fact be a sign of advanced or improved language skills. The researchers added that “This is a period in which a child’s motor speech system is challenged to keep pace with the phenomenal rate of language acquisition.” As such, children who stutter try to keep up with the pace.

The study is very helpful in understanding the connection between stuttering and mental development, particularly when it comes to language skills and acquisition. Moreover, it aims to help children who suffer from the stigma of stuttering.

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New Obesity Drug Allows You to Eat as Much as You Want

It may be too good to be true but that is what the new obesity drug promises. Overweight and obese patients can eat as much as they want without gaining weight because the drug makes the body produce less fat. At the same time, the drug also burns off excess fat from the body. With this new drug, there is no need for anyone to go on a diet and to engage in regular exercise just to lose weight.

The new drug by a private US company Zafgen Inc. targets the body. It changes the composition of the body so that one can remain healthy and not produce fats. Unlike the other dieting drugs or weight loss drugs, this new drugs do not require patients to control what they eat. Although the drug is not yet released on the market, Zafgen sees that there will be no problem with approval. According to the company, the drug is safe so far. The company sees no major concern so far.

The medical implication of this new drug is also very significant. People can remain healthy because their body will not produce fats. Moreover, the drug is very different from the anti obesity drugs that are available today. The anti obesity drugs attack parts of the hypothalamus. This is the area of the brain that affects the appetitie of the individual. This is also the area of the brain that is responsible for happiness. Depression is therefore one of the side effects of anti obesity drugs. This is not the case with the new drugs from Zafgen Inc.

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Babies Remember Words from the Womb

Recent findings have shown that fetuses can hear and can remember words while inside the wombs of their mothers. When the babies in the womb hear the same words frequently, they are able to distinguish and remember the words. The authors of the study stated that the brains of fetuses can already adapt to the sounds they hear around them. This demonstrates the capacity of humans for early language development and listening skills.

The study was conducted by Minna Huotilainen, of the University of Helsinki’s Finnish Center of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research, and colleagues. The researchers emphasized that the study proved that fetuses start learning as their brains develop. At the very young age, while their bodies are developing, they are also starting to learn about how the other members of their families communicate.

To test the hypothesis that fetuses can hear and remember the words they hear while they were in the wombs, the researchers used the three syllable word tatata. 33 fetuses were then exposed to the word at 29th week of pregnancy. After the babies were born, the researchers scanned the brain activities of the babies while hearing the words. The babies demonstrated a very strong reaction to the word. From the brain scan, they even recognized the changes in the intonation of the words when the researchers changed them. The study proved that the fetal brain can already be exposed to learning. For many mothers, it means that they should start talking and communicating with their babies even if the babies are still in the womb.

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